Search Engine Optimization –

A state of the art website that is optimized for first page rankings on Google will attract the largest audience of viewers and determine a company’s level of success. The businesses that invest in a powerful Internet marketing campaign, experience high returns and long term success. Although the URL is a website’s formal address, the location is invisible to the online audience if it is not optimized to appear for searches. What really should be considered a web address is the sites rankings on Google. When a person is looking for a product or service online, they type in keywords in the browser search window. The seo companies that are knowledgeable on the patterns of algorithms obtain first place results. The websites that appear first are getting the most traffic and as a result are obtaining seventy five percent of market shares.

Would the Plaza Hotel in New York City have gained the notoriety and achieve the level of success it has without a Central Park Location? If it were in Chelsea or on the Hudson River Drive, would it have the same influx of guests as it does today? It probably would not. The entrepreneurs that built the Plaza knew the importance of  location as should you. Today’s hotel business as well as just about every business one could think of is represented on the Internet with a website. Where the site appears for searches is the equivalent to where a luxury hotel is located. Prime Internet location is determined by search engine optimization.

Some businesses choose to invest in Pay Per Click campaigns like Google Adwords. Our firm has found that implementing Google Adwords at the start of optimization to be very helpful, but the longer goal is to achieve high visibility through organic search engine optimization. The marketing firms that implement proven effect organic seo techniques are achieving top rankings on Google that are more permanent and do not expire like PPC ads. Our practice is to invest in Adwords in combination with organic Google approved seo strategies that results in clients dominating search engine rankings for popular keyword searches in competitive markets.