MediaSophia will provide contact on a 24/7 basis for emergencies and between the hours of 9 AM and 6 PM Eastern Time for normal work correspondence.

Clients will provide Mediasophia with all necessary materials.


Client will pay a non-refundable deposit of 50% of cost of total website for websites costing $3,501.00 or more, to begin work and balance at time of completion for website. Balance will be due at time of completion. Sites will not be launched until full balance due is paid by client. Deposit is non-refundable in the event of cancellation by client. Client will be responsible for payment of balance due in terms of time worked, at a rate of $125/hour. For websites priced at or below $3,500 client will pay full price at time of order. New domain names for websites and marketing purposes will be purchased by Mediasophia using client payment information on file. Each domain will be purchased for $20 and added to client invoices. If clients wish to migrate registration or websites client will pay Mediasophia $125 for each website migrated and $20 for each domain name.

Custom Web Design

For Web design projects Client may cancel work at any time and receive all work executed for said project. Web Design projects are non-refundable. In the event of cancellation of website design project by client MediaSophia retains the right to use files and designs for its own purposes and will bill client at rate of $150/hour for all work undertaken on client’s project and refund the difference, up to 50% of the total cost of the website project.

In the event of non-communication by client (defined as the lack of a response to an email or phone call within 7 days, MediaSophia may choose to cancel the project at which time client will be responsible for payment of balance due in terms of time worked, at a rate of $150/hour. Client will be charged a 10% late payment fee (plus balance) for each month an invoice is outstanding/unpaid.

Web Design clients must provide Mediasophia with all photos and logos for project completion. In the event client wishes to utilize new photos provided by Mediasophia, Mediasophia will price photos and logo design on a per project basis and client will be required to pay extra costs for such products in order for project to begin.

Clients requiring edits to designs greater than those stipulated in purchase package will be charged $150 per hour and charges will be billed to payment method on file automatically unless client provides alternate method of payment. Complimentary revisions are calculated as follows: .001 x total cost of website. For example, a website whose purchase price is $5,000 is entitled to 5 hours of complimentary editing/revision time. Time required for revisions is to be determined by MediaSophia design team. Clients will not be billed for edits required due to errors by MediaSophia.

Specially Priced Web Design Packages

For Special Promotions and Websites part of special promotions client is required to pay entire cost of website, for all websites costing $3,500 or less, in advance for work to begin. Each promotion will include a set amount of pages and services or features. Additional pages or features will be priced individually by Mediasophia and are an extra cost outside the original package purchased.

Clients who purchase specially priced web design packages are not entitled to revisions and must submit all work over email. Any revisions or edits to a specially priced website require an additional cost to be determined by Mediasophia. All photos and logos for such websites are to be supplied by client and to be submitted within 7 days of contract signing.

Marketing & Online Reputation Management

Marketing, reputation management and other monthly agreements are to be carried out for a minimum period of 12 months, unless specified in writing at time of signing. Any package involving a multimedia campaign where multimedia is defined as a combination of marketing, branding, press releases and public relations work will automatically have a duration of 12 months with auto-billing at the beginning of each month. Specific Packages will be labeled in order forms. At the end of the contract period agreements will be carried out on a monthly basis automatically.  MediaSophia requires a written notification of 30 days in advance in writing, in order to end agreements after the contractual period.

All work itemized in a specific package is an estimate of each month’s total workload and may deviate in terms of work type distribution and work executed for each month; and include allotments for reporting, consulting and client correspondence. Mediasophia retains the right to determine the allotment of type of work (blog articles, client pages, press releases, photo optimization, links, etc.) for each monthly campaign and time allotted for each.

For Marketing campaigns Mediasophia will not undertake any design changes or edits for client websites in order to fulfill work obligations as stipulated in packages. Such design edits include photo editing, banner editing, color or any other form of edit to the design structure of a client’s website will be considered separate work and will be billed accordingly at a rate of $125 per hour. Mediasophia retains the write to determine what design work falls outside the purview of marketing packages. In the event a client requires or requests design changes during the course of a marketing campaign, Mediasophia will provide client with a written estimate. client must authorize such work in writing in order for such work to take place.

Clients will be billed $50 for hosting per domain, per month, for a period of 12 months beginning at time of website development. In the event of an unpaid balance or invoice for any service by client (with a late invoice being one not paid for a period exceeding 21 days from submission/receipt), payment information on file will be utilized to pay balance.

All work undertaken during any marketing campaign may vary according to type and need. Mediasophia reserves the right to determine specific needs and types of work of each campaign, each month. Work types may vary from blog posts and web updates to press releases, photographs, social media posts, backlinks and much more. Mediasophia guarantees that all work executed on its sites and third-party sites for marketing purposes for clients will remain live for a minimum period of 30 days. MediaSophia retains the right to edit or remove previous work undertaken during earlier billing periods.

Mediasophia will provide a Google Analytics report upon request and where relevant. Mediasophia will provide a monthly report that highlights and explains campaign work and includes an invoice when requested. Clients requesting meetings and more examination of work during the campaign are entitled to 30 minutes of campaign overview per three month period. Clients in need of more than 30 minutes in any quarterly period may be subject to $150 per hour consulting fee.

For work pertaining to reputation management or online presence campaigns that involve the deletion, suppression or removal of certain online records, web pages, photos or other content Mediasophia retains the right to determine the appropriate strategy for each campaign. In some cases the suppression of content for keywords related to a client’s name and/or city location will be considered as the fulfillment of such services. These include cases were arrest records, unwanted photos, or bad reviews, or other unwanted content are below the first page of Google results. In other cases, Mediasophia will facilitate the removal and/or deletion of content.


All items created by Mediasophia will be delivered in digital/electronic formats without charge except for site and domain name transfers which will encur a $125 fee per domain and website. Shipping of printed matter will be priced according to the size and weight of the order and costs will be determined by Mediasophia. Clients will be informed of shipping costs prior to processing orders.


Client will pay first month of monthly marketing package at beginning of campaign along with a $1,000.00 Research and Development fee where applicable, that will include new custom blogs with domain names. Subsequent months will be billed at beginning of each work period. All work will be auto-processed using credit card on file. For marketing campaigns client will receive a report and invoice at the end of each month. Client will be charged a 5% late payment fee (plus balance) for each month an invoice is outstanding/unpaid. In the event of outstanding invoices Mediasophia reserves the right to retain logins for all websites, social media accounts and other entities that were created during the campaign or worked on by Mediasophia during the campaign. These includes websites and social media accounts, email accounts and other entities created by the client in question.


Mediasophia does not provide refunds for work upon signing of a work order. In the event of an accidental charge or an improperly processed order, Mediasophia will provide a refund for the full amount of said order minus an hourly rate of $125 for each hour of work undertaken for each order. Refunds will be provided in the form of checks.


Mediasophia reserves the right to utilize client emails and addresses for its own promotional and marketing initiatives. Clients and potential clients who provide their contact information may opt out of marketing initiatives in writing by sending an email to success@mediasophia.com or by choosing the “opt out or unsubscribe” links on each eflyer.