Successful Conversions

A successful website is one that effectively and beautifully communicates to viewers. A good website can be a subjective experience. Just like everyone has their favorite ice cream flavor so too do people differ in their notions of what makes a website special. For Mediasophia, our notions of design in web development prioritize two things: successful conversions of hits into sales and a successful communication of the identity and brand of the website’s owner. Most web designers and developers make the mistake of imposing their own tastes onto a client. While most clients may not have much of a vision or understanding of their brand, it is important to consult with your designer about the message and aesthetic you want to convey before beginning the design process.

Visual Basics

Successful web design elements include understanding what the site is to represent, communicating to visitors what you want to sell, distinguishing your content from competitors, and creating a lasting impression so people want to come back to your site. When you build a site you want to begin with the aesthetics: logo, color scheme, layout and photos. The aesthetics of your site will be the visual components that first attract visitors. Without them do not expect people to invest much time on your web page. Certain color combinations convey different meanings. Do you want a sexy and seductive look? If so, try black and warm/hot colors. Are you looking for a more conservative and corporate identity? If yes, then try navy blue, light grays and whites. Something fun? Try primary colors, bright yellows and greens.

Contextual Variables

There are infinite choices to be made in developing a great website. Mediasophia‘s consulting and design team works with its clients to ensure that the right aesthetics and identity are crafted to effortlessly and elegantly convey the meaning of the site. Variables such as location and industry are also factors we take into account. For an SEO Miami campaign we integrate characteristics of the populace of South Florida. For an SEO New York campaign we might utilize more conservative and aggressive elements visually speaking, than we would for a campaign in a small city.

To conclude, a great website begins with a fusion between great designers, consultants and clients who have the ambition and desire to produce something special. Anything less risks an utterly forgettable website, not what the Internet needs.

George Magalios