SEO Portfolio

SEO Portfolio*


Search Engine Dominance

Every Mediasophia SEO campaign is designed to top rankings for relevant keywords in,, and other major search engines. Our work also includes rankings for search engines in other languages and countries.  References and specific site examples available upon request.

Cosmetic Surgery Industry

#1 ranking for “breast augmentation Palm Beach”
#1 ranking for “cosmetic surgery Paris” (in French)
#4 ranking for “Miami cosmetic surgeons”
#1 ranking for “Scarsdale cosmetic surgeons”

Wedding Industry

#3 ranking for “Miami wedding officiants”
#6 ranking for “wedding vow renewals Miami”
#3 ranking for “Miami interfaith weddings”

Dental Industry

#3 ranking for “New York dentists”
#4 ranking for “Manhattan dentists”
#7 ranking for “cosmetic dentistry New York”

Health Industry

#1 ranking for “weight loss clinics”
#4 ranking for “weight loss doctors”
#7 ranking for “weight loss programs”

Financial Industry

#1 ranking for “Boca Raton financial advisors”
#4 ranking for “conservative investment strategies Boca Raton”

*For specific examples and references please contact us. For reasons of confidentiality we do not disclose client websites without their permission.

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Google-Approved SEO!

Our Search Engine Optimization Techniques are Google-Approved and provide fast, safe results that will never get your website blacklisted and removed from search engines the way unscrupulous techniques utilized by other companies might!

Clear Metrics!

Our SEO campaigns include monthly reports with simple metrics that let you evaluate the Return on Investment in plain language. Each of our reports includes rankings and other vital statistics!

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We target the right keywords to make all inquiries filtered hot leads for your business. By utilizing advanced research and development techniques we can pinpoint the right clientele for your targeted market and expand your business both locally and globally!

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We craft organic customized SEO campaigns with blazing fast speed. We get our content on the web within 24 hours! When you sign on with us there are no add-on charges, no delays, and no hidden costs! Just press play and go!

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