Online Reputation Management-

Maintaining a positive online reputation is critical to ensuring business success. In today’s world of e-commerce it is important for businesses to create a profile that represents their company as a leader in the industry. A website needs to be ranked on the first page of Google for important keyword searches and each site should be reflective of current industry trends. A company website needs to be visually pleasing and appeal to viewers with design elements that are alluring. The written and video content should be informative in order to provide visitors with the information they need to feel comfortable and begin to develop trust in the validity of the business.

When viewers visit a website they want to be convinced that the company has the level of success they are seeking. Today’s consumers want to educate themselves and feel comfortable knowing they are making informed decisions.

The internet has hundreds of websites created with the purpose of providing the public with a voice. These sites were intended to give the consumer protection and help businesses grow. Unfortunately notorious sites like Ripoffreport and 800Notes have become forums for any anonymous perpetrator to attack legitimate businesses for their own unethical purpose. Often bad reviews appear on these sites after divorce proceedings or in the event that a disgruntled employee has been terminated. Ratings and comments that were intended to share truths have become an avenue for hostile attacks and false representation.

When negative reviews surface online it can have serious negative consequences and it is very important to address the issue right away. At Mediasophia we design marketing campaigns that include the replacement of bad reviews with flattering content that reflects the true identity of our clients. Our online Reputation management protects our clients from the harmful effects of false propaganda and our reverse SEO techniques have proven the efficient removal of ‘scam’ from Google drop down menus.

If you have become victim of an online attack, hire a marketing firm right away to eliminate all false negative reviews from Google searches attached to your name. At Mediasophia our work buries unwanted results with positive content that enhances your corporate brand and ensures the long term success of your business.