Top Search Engine Rankings

The difference between successful internet marketing and amateur SEO work is results. The expression “the proof is in the pudding”, couldn’t hold truer in our industry. At Mediasophia, we have a portfolio of top-ranked clients in progressive cities including New York, Miami and Paris. Our standard of professionalism is far above our competitors’ best. Our team consists of university-educated web designers, writers and technical engineers that provide results-driven support for each of our respected clients. We value the business relationship and do not require a contract. Instead, we rely on our quality of work to cultivate mutually-profitable business partnerships.

The businesses that are ranked on the first page of Google for important keyword searches dominate their respective markets. Search engine results determine the amount of visibility to a particular audience. It is proven that those top-ranked companies are earning seventy-five percent of market shares. This high percentage of earning potential makes first page rankings very desirable. As a result the competition for top ranking results is steep. Expensive pay-per-click (PPC) ads obtain first page results right away, but they are costly and expire, leaving the company still nowhere. For top rankings and a permanent online presence the best marketing strategies use an organic ‘white hat’ approach. It takes the work of an experienced marketing firm practiced in the rules of the game to implement effective Google-approved SEO techniques that maintain top rankings.

At Mediasophia, we guarantee first page rankings on Google with every marketing campaign. In addition, we honor client exclusivity, which means we do not have clients competing for the same market sector. Once we begin a new partnership, clients can feel confident they are priority, and we will not begin working with a competitor. We see having more than one client in a particular industry in that given area as a conflict of interest and an unethical way of conducting business. Honoring our code of ethics has brought us a high level of success and we are committed to maintaining company growth on our founding principles.