Are you the victim of ‘scam’? Has the online reputation of your business been harmed by false allegations, negative reviews and dishonest postings? Managing your online reputation is an important component to business success. In today’s world of social media websites and other forums used by unethical people to attack the competition no company is immune to this type of attack.

Websites like Ripoffreport, 800notes and even Yelp have become forums for any anonymous person to maliciously attack and slander their competition. Honest businesses are being unjustly harmed and these negative postings can severely impede on their company’s success.

I invite you to reflect on these questions. When you are looking for a product or service and you type in your keyword search, if negative postings about a company surface, will you select them? Even if the posting is false, a viewer’s first thoughts are to be cautious and not take risks. Why go with a law firm that has client complaints when the firm just below their listing does not? Businesses with a tainted online reputation are losing revenues. In fact this cyber-bullying and unethical attacking has caused many companies to go out of business all together.

For these reasons it is important to incorporate online reputation management into your business marketing. At Mediasophia we have experience overriding ‘Scam’ with positive content that reveals the true identity of our clients. We have proven success in removing negative results from Google drop down menus and our work simultaneously enhances the profile of the clients we represent. Our online reputation management campaigns have successfully restored the reputation of companies and elevated their online status to that of leading businesses in their industry.

When companies invest in Search engine optimization and online reputation management they empower themselves with a zero tolerance system of marketing that protects them from cyber-bullying and elevates their company above the competitors. Internet marketing gives clients power over attackers and protects them with a positive identity that earns more business.

At Mediasophia, our knowledge of algorithm changes, market trends and corporate branding gives our clients an unbeatable advantage over people who want to do harm and ensure their business emerges as the winner. Our SEO work places clients above the inferior clutter of websites on the internet in cities like Miami, New York and Paris and our online reputation management empowers them with a continuous influx of new business.