Negative Content Impacts Business

Are you the victim of false allegations, negative reviews or dishonest postings? Has the online reputation of your business been harmed by ‘scam’? In today’s society we all are aware of how television news media and other public forums thrive on highlighting negativity and embellishing on what causes fear or is construed as bad. For this reason managing your online reputation is an important component to achieving and maintaining business success. Almost every business today is a part of e-commerce. The online reputation of a business can be dramatically impacted by social media websites and other forums that are used by unethical people to harm the competition. The fact is that the internet has created a system where no company is immune to this type of attack.

Ripoff Report, 800notes, Yelp

Websites like Ripoffreport, 800notes and even Yelp have become forums for any anonymous person to create defaming attack and slander their competitor. Over the years, hundreds of thousands of businesses have been unjustly harmed by this type of hostile behavior. Many of these dishonest postings have so severely impeded on the success of companies they have gone bankrupt.

What is happening in cyber society is real and the consequences of harassment can be detrimental to success. Sometimes mall business proprietors or corporate marketing directors  don’t worry about the impact of negative reviews because they still see profits and increasing revenues. Although this is good, I invite you to reflect on these questions.

When you are looking for a service or product, if your research online discovers negative content about that person or company, would you be skeptical? Even if you understood that negative postings are more often than not, untrue, wouldn’t you still be leery? Would not your instinct be to proceed with caution or discount and move on? Why would someone choose to go with a business, company or firm that has a tainted reputation, when another equally sophisticated business is only a click away? In other words, how much money would a tainted reputation lose to the competition and what could that business be earning?

Corporate Online Reputation Management

For this reason it is wise to incorporate online reputation management into your business marketing. At Mediasophia not only does our organic search engine optimization earn first page rankings on Google, but we have experience overriding ‘Scam’ with positive content that reveals the true identity of our clients. We use the same ethical methods used to optimize you visibility that we do to bury harmful results. The process is referred to as reverse SEO. We have proven success in removing negative results from Google drop down menus with our New York, Paris and SEO Miami accounts and our clients are now dominating the industry.

When our clients invest in marketing with Mediasophia, they empower themselves with a zero tolerance system of marketing that protects them from competitive propaganda and elevates their company above the inferior clutter of websites on the web. Internet marketing gives our clients power over the competition and protect them with a positive identity that earns more business.