A Positive Web Profile

Cosmetic surgery is becoming increasingly¬† popular. More and more men and women are investing in themselves by taking advantage of advanced body contouring and beauty enhancement procedures. Breast augmentation, tummy tucks, liposuction and facelifts are a few of the desired procedures that are filling cosmetic surgeons’ schedules. In progressive cities like New York and Miami you find there are thousands of cosmetic surgeons to choose from. The most successful practices are those that invest in Mediasophia state-of-the-art web design and online reputation management services.

There are hundreds of online forums for the public to post patient experience. Public opinion, patient experience and doctor reviews are a powerful component of marketing. But when a review is bad, it can cause millions of dollars in lost revenue. Many cosmetic surgeons are being attacked on the internet with bad reviews and libelous content. More often than not, the bad reviews are fictitious propaganda created with the sole intent of causing harm. If someone is out to get you, due to the nature of the web and our social media phenomenon they can. A bad review can spread viral and reach thousands of potential patients in an instant.

Notorious sites like Ripoff Report are unfortunately ranked very highly by Google and are causing a great many individuals severe financial hardship. If a bad review or defaming slander should appear in connection with your name, it is important to address it right away before the reputation you worked so hard to build is destroyed.