Take charge of your success-

The reputation of a small business is crucial to success. When a business is represented on the internet with customer experience that is positive and the public has good things to say about your company, product and level of service, it solicits new sales. Mediasophia online reputation management service enhances the profile of small businesses and protects clients from bad reviews and slanderous content on the web.

A negative review on sites like Yelp, Merchant Circle and Ripoff Report will cost a small business new customers. Public opinion sends a powerful message, and if a negative review should surface in connection with your company, it is important to address it immediately.

Our reputation management service eliminates harmful reviews from appearing on Google searches in connection with your business. Because we are in the marketing business, we know that bad reviews are mostly unethical attacks from competing businesses or individuals with an axe to grind. More often than not, the reviews are fictitious comments with the sole intent of causing harm, and not valid customer experience. Even reviews that are true customer experience should not be given the power to ruin a small business. No one can please every customer 100% of the time, and one person’s experience should not have the power to cost thousands of dollars in lost revenue.

Mediasophia gives clients the power to take charge of their reputation and take charge of their success.