With Valentines’ Day coming this weekend, many Americans are looking for ways to improve their love life. Breathing is one way to do that.

Yes, breathing.

There are a number of ways that breathing better can improve your love life. Some are pretty straightforward, others not so much. Give us some latitude, we came up with ten!

We asked the experts at Ear, Nose & Throat Associates of South Florida, P.A., a provider of balloon sinuplasty how breathing better will make you a better partner for the one you love.




Smell the Perfume (or Cologne)

Beauty is carried on the gentle scent of perfume. Its smell can be so distinctive, and it can be a vivid part of any romantic moment with a loved one. With sinus problems, the olfactory beauty of perfume is lost.




Dinner’s Ready!

A meal prepared by a spouse of significant other can be a great way to say “I care.” But what if you can’t smell it? Breathing problems make it difficult to smell a great meal and can also impact your ability to taste it. When you breathe better, the meals get better— and you can better appreciate the hard work that goes into making that romantic meal.





Get in Shape!

You need exercise. The best way to make sure you can take care of someone you love is to take care of yourself. That starts with exercise. When you exercise, your respiration goes up because you need more oxygen. If you are having trouble breathing, that can be difficult. Putting breathing problems behind you means putting getting in shape front and center, meaning you’ll be healthy for the person you love.

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