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Strategic Digital Media Placement

We Represent:

  • Local Campaigns

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  • Re-election Campaigns

  • Crisis Management Campaigns

  • Digital Forensics Campaigns

  • Opposition Research




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Case Study: County Mayor

Mediasophia managed the online reputation of the Mayor of a major county. The candidate was hit with a variety of un-wanted and dangerous news stories, articles, and photos. By creating a custom press and social media campaign, complete with organic design elements and other content, our team prevailed and the candidate’s reputation was restored to good order after winning re-election. In addition, our group of bloggers amassed a huge social media following across the nation for a local campaign. 

Case Study: Crisis Management

Mediasophia created a multimedia, video-rich campaign for a politician hit with a variety of personal family issues and ensuing negative press. Our campaign mitigated the damage of newspaper and television reports with a variety of social media, video and press release documents that counteracted negative coverage and altered Google suggested search terms, reframing the political figure’s image in the process. 


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We Create Powerful Content & We Remove Unwanted Results!



Look Your Best!

With our sexy, seductive and powerful publicity team we can shine the most beautiful and flattering light on you so that others who check you out online will see a star! 


Craft A Successful Image!

We create powerful profiles that include career and personal highlights, as well as stategically-placed references to your name on the most powerful social media sites, blogs and magazines on the web. 


Delete Your Past!

We remove unflattering press and profiles that may compromise your social and professional standing and we replace them with star-quality content! 

Shine Brightly!

Our art department includes a personal photographer, editors, developers and a design concierge who work with you personally so you can rise above your competition online! 

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