Monitor and Manage Your Profile-

Online reputation management is an important component of running a business. Although is falls under the marketing umbrella, it is as essential to running a business as paying an electric bill. In today’s world of social media and internet public review forums the online presence of a business has to be a positive representation in order to maintain success. Sites like Yelp, Citysearch and Google+ were intended to create a forum of communication in support of businesses. Ratings and comments were meant to highlight businesses providing exceptional products and services and give them recognition to help them success. These sites are still used in many cases to empower the consumer by sharing truthful information about their business experiences. But that is not all. There is a downside. Many of these sites have become avenues for the unethical practice of the competition or an anonymous person with a vendetta to attack and slander and falsely accuse companies of wrong doing.

This type of online harassment is terrible and no one is immune to becoming a victim. Notorious sites like Ripoffreport and 800Notes are the reason many businesses have suffered a huge loss of revenue and in many situations have forced companies to go bankrupt. Even though negative reviews on these sites are known to be mostly untruths, Google still ranks them high and chances are the reports appear directly below the victim’s website for important searches.

Negative reviews are a serious matter and if a report attached to your company name is should be immediately addressed. Do not try correcting the injustice by posting a rebuttal statement that disproves the review. The fact of the matter is, people aren’t probably aren’t even reading the review. All the online audience pays attention to is that it is there. The first few sentences that appear under the Ripoffreport state your name and the potential customer moves on to the next listed company. Posting a rebuttal only increases the visibility of the review.

If you have become victim to propaganda, it is important to hire a marketing firm that is experienced with online reputation management. Only reverse seo techniques proven effective will efficiently remove the report from Google drop down menus and bury it far below any searches associated with you name. At Mediasophia our online reputation management protects our clients from the harmful effects of negative reviews. Our team of university educated writers and technical engineers create content to replace unwanted reviews and develop a positive identity that accurately reflects success.