Smart Investing and Results Driven Success-

Internet marketing campaigns that use organic search engine optimization are results driven and cost effective. Although pay per click ads (PPC) definitely achieve high visibility, they are not always the wisest investment. For many businesses investing in PPC should only be a start up method to internet marketing.  At Mediasophia we have learned that the cost of ppc ads yield a high percentage of the revenues they bring. Although we value the use of Google Adwords for immediate initial results in competitive cities like Miami, it is our experience that once our organic seo techniques achieve top rankings, the need for costly ppc ads becomes unnecessary.

Our SEO Miami and online reputation management campaigns achieve top rankings on Google through organic search engine optimization. The organic method of internet marketing develops our clients brand, earns the trust of their online viewers and builds a profile for their business that does not expire like Google ads do. All the content we create for our clients has a permanent online presence.

The top ranked companies on Google for important industry keywords are earning seventy five percent of market shares. For businesses in cities like Miami, achieving first page rankings means high revenues and market dominance. Successful entrepreneurs know the value of internet marketing and their companies are earning the maximum profits of first page rankings.

An important aspect of ppc ads that should be recognized is that although they earn your visibility, they do not enhance your business profile or develop your online reputation. The organic approach to search engine optimization creates a powerful corporate identity that earns the respects of viewers and enhances our clients’ reputation.

Mediasophia offers a cost effective approach to obtaining top rankings that is supportive of the client’s long term success. We incorporate PPC at the beginning of internet marketing campaigns to immediately increase traffic while our clients’ organic web of interlinked seo content builds.We have found that for many clients, the combination of Google Adwords at start up in combination with organic SEO and online reputation management creates a powerful campaign that brings immediate and permanent revenue increasing results.