Maintaining a Positive Profile-

Online Reputation Management has become an important component of marketing in today’s world of e-commerce. Companies need to represent their business as leaders in the industry with a sophisticated website, top search engine rankings and web of positive content that reveals their level of success. The internet is filled with websites that provide businesses with the opportunity to grow. Sites like Yelp, real self and Healthgrades provide the public with an opportunity to share their experience and promote business growth. Unfortunately there is a negative side to this communication technology. Websites such as Ripoffreport and 800Notes, which are notorious for slanderous attacks and false negative reviews, have become the forum for any anonymous person to harm a business.

This type of cyber bullying can have a detrimental impact on the success of a company. When someone posts a false negative review on one of these sites, the chances of it being listed right below the victim’s website is very likely. Google ranks these sites very high and unless the problem is immediately address the victim will suffer serious revenue losses.

No one is immune to this type of harassment. The world is full of individuals that will do anything to get ahead, even if it means falsely accusing the competition of doing bad business. If a negative post surfaces on searches associated with your business, hire a marketing firm that specializes in online reputation management to rectify the problem. At Mediasophia we are experienced with removing ‘scam’ from drop down menus and eliminating negative content from Google searches associated with your name.

Our team of writers and technical engineers replace negative reviews with positive content that reflects the true identity of our clients. Our reverse seo techniques bury all sign of slanderous posts far below any pages associated with keyword searches. The new content we create develops your positive profile and enhances your corporate brand.

Our record of success has proven our clients maintain a positive online reputation and obtain a 50-100% increase in business.