Top Rankings Increase Business-

Behavioral targeting is a technique for identifying an audience. Tracking, analyzing and predicting online activity connects businesses with a defined audience. Have you noticed how advertisements appear on your screen for products you looked at but did not purchase? Or how when you start to research automobiles, car ads appear on your screen? Google tracks patterns by storing user preferences in cookies to determine how people are navigating sites. In doing so, technology finds the best virtual person for an advertiser.

Similar to this disputably invasive approach to identifying potential clients is the keyword strategy. Search engine optimization empowers businesses with an identified audience by placing their websites up front for determined keywords searches. In other words, keywords are the behavior. For example, if you are a dentist and you want to target people without teeth for dentures, you would optimize your website for the keyword ‘dentures’. Businesses that invest in search engine optimization are reaching a specific target audience that is already looking for their product or service. SEO isn’t trying to help businesses sell pianos to guitar players; it positions their business in front of the competition giving them the visibility needed to achieve success.

The companies with the top rankings for multiple keyword searches are dominating the industry. Those businesses listed on the first page of Google for industry specific searches are earning seventy five percent of market shares. Organic search engine optimization creates a permanent online presence that positions websites on the first page and develops their reputation. At Mediasophia we write sophisticated content that appeals to the online audience, earns the trust of website viewers and maintains first page rankings for long term success. Our online reputation management ensures are clients are represented as leading businesses in their market and their corporate identity is positive and reflects success.