Online Reputation Management

In  today’s world of e-commerce, the online reputation of your company is priceless. Your online reputation is determined by your total presence on the web. A primary website is the home site for most organizations and secondary sites such as blogs, press releases, social media pages and directory listings enhance the online presence of most successful companies.

Unfortunately there are other sites such as 800notes and Ripoffreport that are notorious for sabotaging reputations and flooding the internet with negative content about the competition, former employers and anyone with a vendetta.

Posting on these sites is harmful toward business and will dramatically impede the success of the company mentioned. Think about it, if you are looking for a great steakhouse in your neighborhood and you find a restaurant website that looks very inviting, but you see a negative report that someone found a rat in their soup, would you eat there? Most likely you would not. Still this is an unjust predicament for the steakhouse as in most cases, the posting is a false allegation from a competitor. So how do you protect your reputation?

Internet marketing companies that specialize in online reputation management bury negative content from pages of Google searches and replace them with positive search results that reveal the true identity of the company and positively develop the reputation of the client.  Mediasophia has a proven record of success in removing Ripoffreport, 800notes and other attacking sites from search results. Using reverse SEO to bury the false allegations, we take an organic approach to restore our clients’ reputations and present them as the successful businesses they worked hard to build.

Our family at Mediasophia consists of a highly trained team of professional writers, designers, programmers, and business analysts who keep their fingers on the pulse of the latest Google algorithm changes, business trends in all industries, and other important aspects of marketing to provide success for our clients. When you partner with us to manage your online reputation, we protect your business like our own family and we ensure you don’t fall victim to slanderous attacks.

-Jennifer Fall