A Positive Online Reputation-

Public opinion and online reviews are commonplace in today’s market. What patrons, consumers, patients and clients post on websites has a big impact on the influx of new business.

In many cases, in particular on sites like Ripoffreport, a notorious forum for the posting of false negative reviews from people with an ax to grind, these “write ups” are created for the sole purpose of harming the success of competitors or an ex spouse and the like. But whether or not the public opinions are valid really doesn’t matter. When a bad review or slanderous comment is connected to your company name or medical practice, it is going to dramatically deter business.

An interesting article in The Guardian was written about TripAdvisor and the impact of reviews as they relate to the restaurant business.  The article discusses the validity of reviews and how an educated reader can use the site to their advantage as well as a source of entertainment. The entertainment factor is simply finding humor in the glaring pretentiousness of the authors or sometimes their unmistakable lack of intelligence. Although reviews are the opinion of one writer and sometimes just “smack” many reviews are legitimate, informative and helpful. For example, going back to the article, if you are looking to learn about the authenticity of a particular ethnic menu or the ambiance of a particular establishment, a genuine review is very useful.

At Mediasophia we understand the importance of public opinion and the online reputation of a business. As part of every Mediasophia marketing campaign, we implement the creation of social media websites for brand development and to enhance the reputation of clients. Our social media team in addition to being responsible for creating pages on sites like twitter and Google+, monitors Google searches to ensure our clients are represented as successful businesses in their market sector. Our online reputation management ensures no negative reviews or slanderous propaganda is visible online in connection with your business.

When you are ready to protect your reputation and represent your company as a leading business in your respective city, contact Mediasophia for a written proposal that guarantees revenue-increasing results.