Supporting Local Non Profits –

Mediasophia believes in supporting higher ideals of living well and doing business ethically and responsibly. Its philanthropic efforts in providing pro-bono web design Palm Beach work and consulting to various organizations including the American Hellenic Education Progressive Association and The Hellenic Development Group are a service we provide in honor of our mission to serve others and giveback to our communities. Because we believe in the philosophies of giving, we are planning to expand our outreach efforts to include an increase in scholarship funding to Carnegie Mellon University as well as annual tuition to a student that exhibits exceptional skill in the arts at the Milagro Center.

Through the implementation of results driven Internet Marketing, Mediasophia is helping non-profit organizations reach the largest network of potential sponsors and significantly increase their annual donations. When we create a powerful marketing campaign that includes State of the art web design, organic SEO and online reputation management, we put the non-profits we support in position to connect with thousands of potential sponsors and increase revenues.

The elements of web design are very influential. When non-profit organizations are represented on the Internet with a sophisticated website that is optimized for popular philanthropic keyword searches, it reaches a direct audience and inspires their desires to contribute.

There are Hundreds of thousands of people looking to show support of the arts, education and various children’s programs by making a financial contribution. When a website is visible to those looking for programs to support and it is reflective of success, it will connect with a direct market and solicit donations. At Mediasophia we support local non-profits with state of the art web design and fast and effective Internet marketing that solicits sponsor donations and supports long term success.