Effective online reputation management-

The online profile of a business is what establishes their credibility and level of success. In today’s world of e-commerce a company website and all other content connected with their corporate name establishes the identity of each business. With hundreds of thousands of businesses represented on line in major cities it is important to invest in internet marketing to be sure your business is represented as a leader in the industry. Being represented as a leader in terms of a company’s online reputation and search engine ranking are the components of marketing that earn revenue increasing results.

Marketing a business is a continual process. A company website has to be sophisticated and reflective of current market trends. It has to be maintained and optimized for first page rankings on Google for important industry keywords and it needs to be backed up with original online content to support a positive reputation.

Take for example a Miami Law Firm. If someone is looking to hire a divorce lawyer, they will type in their search window, ‘Miami Divorce Lawyer’. The firms that are listed on the first page for this keyword search will receive the most traffic and earn seventy five percent of market shares. That is if their website is sophisticated and there are not negative reviews attached to the company name. Once an online viewer looks at the website, if they are impressed with what they see and convinced the firm has the level of success they are seeking they will investigate a little further by typing their name in the search window. With a click of their mouse, if only positive content follows this search, the potential client will be gain the confidence they need to schedule a consultation.

At Mediasophia our internet marketing campaigns include online reputation management. We ensure our clients are represented online as the elite in their market sector. We guarantee multiple first page results on Google and we do not require a contract as our business relationships are mutually profitable. We have a strong profile of top ranked clients is progressive international cities and our work brings immediate revenue increasing results.