Outreach and Visibility-

Is your Treatment center represented online as a leader in providing successful recovery from addiction?  Are online viewers seeking help from alcohol and drug dependency inspired by your website and are they convinced your center will provide them with the help they need? Is there a personal component to your internal blog? Does is reflect a portfolio of success stories and does it provide hope? Addition has affected millions of people worldwide, and although seeking help is a positive step toward recovery, it is still a confidential matter. Fortunately today, the internet provides those suffering from addictions with an anonymous forum to inquire about treatment options, seek help and improve their lives.

Successful rehabilitation centers use internet marketing to take the components of addiction and treatment and formulate a campaign that reaches those suffering and attracts them with the chance at a fresh start and a new way of life. At Mediasophia, we create an online identity for our rehabilitation center clients that highlights their portfolio of successes and represents them as a leader in the recovery industry. We support their ability to help people struggling with addictions by developing their online reputations and sharing their positive profiles with millions of people across the web.

In today’s contemporary society, people suffering with addiction turn to their computers to learn about treatment options and seek help. The online audience enters keywords like ‘cocaine addiction treatment’, ‘alcohol dependency treatment’ and ‘drug and alcohol rehabilitation’ and view the first page of results to determine which facility they feel is best represented online. The websites that are outdated are going to be immediately dismissed as inferior institutions. The rehabilitation centers that are represented with a contemporary website that accurately reflects success will appeal to those in crisis and be recognized as a way of hope. Without a strong online presence, even the institutions with a high percentage of successful recovery will lose patients to inferior institutions that have a state-of-the-art website optimized for top Google searches.

When it comes to marketing your treatment center, investing in internet marketing is an essential part of success. A sophisticated website optimized for first-page rankings on Google for multiple searches will ensure a constant influx of new patients. State-of-the-art design and quality writing will attract the new clients and expand your ability to help those suffering with addiction.

At Mediasophia we represent our clients as leading businesses with designs that represent success and the visibility needed to reach the largest audience. Our proven effective SEO techniques are Google-approved, and our clients quickly discover their business is dominating search engine results.