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The recovery industry is rapidly growing and Mediasophia clients particularly in this market are reaching a large client network and expanding their business.

The epidemic of substance abuse is widespread. People from all walks of life are struggling with the disease of addiction and it is impacting people and families on a large scale. It would seem that in today’s society almost everyone is concerned about a person that is suffering from a substance abuse problem. Whether its your friend, sister, parent or cousin, almost nobody is unaffected by the problems that arise out of drug and alcohol abuse. It is a dark reality and sadly without the help of people experienced in recovery, rarely are individuals able to free themselves from the grips of this disease alone. Fortunately there is a solution and those that want help are finding the support they need to stop abusing drugs and alcohol and dramatically improve their lives.

The need for treatment is in such high demand that recovery and rehabilitation centers are opening up all over the country, in progressive cities, in suburban towns and in rural areas. All anyone need do is enter keywords like, “addiction rehabilitation” or “Drug Rehab” in their search window and many facilities and programs will surface. For this reason if you are in the recovery industry it is essential to have a state of the art website that is optimized for first page rankings in order to reach the largest audience and help more clients.

A web design Palm Beach website will represent your center as a leading recovery program with a high percent of success stories to earn the trust of potential clients and encourage them to contact admissions. However even the most enticing websites will fail to obtain results if it is not appearing for important searches. Only the centers that obtain top rankings maintain the visibility needed to receive a constant influx of new clients.

At Mediasophia we are experts in marketing treatment centers and our clients are dominating search engine results in competitive markets. Our work is empowering recovery centers to reach hundreds of thousands of people in need of help. As a result our clients are expanding their businesses and achieving long-term success for themselves and the clients they serve.