Protect Your Online Reputation-

In today’s world of e-commerce and social media communications it is important to protect you online reputation and present your business as a leader in the industry. With so many websites created as forums for the public to have a voice and share their experience with others, a business owner need to be careful. Although sites like Yelp and Real Self were created with the intent of providing companies with the opportunity to grow, many dishonest people use these forums as a way to attack and harm the competition for self gain.

Websites like Ripoffreport and 800notes are notorious for posting hostile reviews to slander a company’s reputation and severely impede on their success. Even though these website are known to post mostly untruths, Google ranks them high and chances are, a post on one of these sites will appear immediately below your primary website. This type of negative propaganda is going to deter business. In fact, thousands and thousands of businesses have been forced to close as a result of online negative reviews. Think about it. If you are looking for a personal injury lawyer and upon a Google search you see a Ripoffreport about a law firm, would you hire their service? Would you take the time to investigate if the review is true or false? It is not likely anyone would. Instead they will click and view the next website that does not have a negative review.

A damaged reputation can have serious consequences. If your company has been victimized by a false negative review it is important to take immediate action. Do not respond to the post to disprove its creditability. This will only increase the rankings of the report. No one is clicking open the Ripoffreport and reading it. They simply see it is there and move on to another potential provider.

A successful marketing firm will be able to eliminate the negative effects of bad reviews. At Mediasophia we have experience working with clients that are attacked regularly on the web and there is no evidence of any harmful content visible for searches associated with their name. Our online reputation management eliminates the problem and ensures our clients are protected from slander.  Our reverse seo techniques restore our client’s reputation with content that reveals their true identity, bringing them a constant influx of new business. If you are the victim of an online attack, take charge of your reputation, restore your good name and ensure the long term success of your business.