International Marketing

The global e-commerce market consists of hundreds of thousands of companies selling products and services to people and businesses worldwide. In such a large scale market, search engine optimization and online reputation management are the primary advertizing factors that earn business. Whether or not a company will achieve financial success depends on the strength of their profile and the level of sophistication of their primary website in combination with its online visibility.

The internet is saturated with websites in every industry from health and wellness to communications and travel. With such a large number of companies competing on the same forum for business the importance of internet marketing takes on a whole new level. When prospective customers and clients look for a product or service they enter keywords in the search window. With this approach it is easy to understand how viewing a website is usually how viewers obtain their first impression of a company. If your audience is not immediately impressed with your website, the competitor is only a click away. Because businesses that invest in internet marketing are the top ranked sites for the important industry keywords, they earn the revenues to pay for the latest most sophisticated websites. Having a website that is visually pleasing, easily navigable and reflective of current marketing trends is essential to the success of any business. Likewise an outdated website that lacks sophistication does more harm than goodThe amount of traffic a website receives is based on search engine ranking. Rankings are the order in which company websites are listed on the internet. They are determined by many factors encoded in search engine algorithms, which is the language the computer reads. Ranking status determines the size of the audience. The ranking gets the audience and the website sells the audience.

Consider this question.  How many potential customers begin their search on page 5? Even expensive television commercials earn few results when compared with a first page ranking on Google. A company can have a beautiful and sophisticated site that is reflective of the current trends, but if it is beyond the first page for keyword searches it will have little or no impact on earning new business. Your website needs an audience to earn business. Having a sophisticated website that is on the first page for important keywords is  how businesses acquire the largest audience and receive the maximum return for their marketing investment.

At Mediasophia we design campaigns relative to the direct competition that are based on our knowledge of the current market trends of each industry. Our clients are some of the top ranked businesses internationally. All our campaigns guarantee first page rankings on Google for important keywords and our client’s see immediate revenue increasing results.