Revenue Increasing Results-

Social media has become an extremely popular forum for communications and our contemporary society is accustomed to video communication and the digital media experience. Almost all research and communication takes place on the computer, smart phones and through digital streaming. For this reason, a company’s active participation in the social media phenomenon and embedding video on websites, has become standard practice for marketing in most every industry.

In today society, people are seeking products and services online. When a person is in need of anything from clothing to dental work, they turn to the internet to research dentists, purchase clothing or hire a contractor for home improvement. Potential customers are sharing information and networking regularly on sites like facebook, Twitter and Google+ and former customers are writing reviews and posting their experiences. Even when a company is recommended, potential customers are at minimum reviewing the company website and deciding if the elements of design reflect a sophisticated and successful business. Conversations on social media sites and online content that appears on search engine results have become a powerful influence on the public. Large-scale word of mouth is delivered to thousands of viewers in an instant with the simple of a click of the mouse.  

With so many ways for people to communicate their experiences, post comments, and make recommendations, it is important for small and large businesses to include social media monitoring, engagement in online discussion groups and review writing in marketing campaigns. Sharing you voice on social media and through press releases reflects an interest and awareness of contemporary culture that speaks volumes to the community.

At Mediasophia, we have a social media division that is responsible for creating social media accounts for clients and participating in viral communications that establish their credibility and develop a positive reputation for their business. Our active participation on the internet’s social forums attracts the interest of the online audience and increases traffic to our clients’ primary websites. Our  involvement in social media protects clients from slander, propaganda and online harassment in the form of false negative reviews on sites like Ripoffreport and yelp. Creating a following on sites like Twitter, facebook and Google+ establishes credibility and provides opportunity to connect with thousands of people and alert them to important updates, successes and information that promotes business.

Mediasophia provides custom marketing services for clients in progressive cities worldwide. Its Search engine optimization techniques are proven effective in dominating search engine results on Google in competitive cites including New York, Paris and Miami. Mediasophia’s online reputation management elevates its clients above the competition and represent the company as the leading businesses in their market sector.