A Positive Online Reputation-

In today’s system of online networking, the credibility of a business is established through public opinion, online reviews and viral communication. What people are posting on facebook, Twitter and various other social media media forums creates a buzz about business. Comments in response to blogging, press release announcements and online reviews have a big impact on a company’s influx of new costumers.

What was initially intended to give the public a voice to share their experience and give recognition to companies demonstrating exceptional service has become a forum for unethical slander and propaganda to gain leverage over the competition. Notorious sites like Ripoffreport are providing an opportunity for hateful and greedy people to harm businesses and many cases put them out of business all together. You see, it doesn’t matter if the bad revue is true or not. Once it appears in connection with a company name, it will have dramatic effect on their level of success. For example if were looking for a cosmetic dentist, and you saw a bad review on a Google search result, would you check on its validity? Would you schedule an appointment? Chances are, you would simply click to the next listed practice and choose a doctor based on the Palm Beach web design and alluring qualities of their website.

At Mediasophia we understand the importance of public opinion and the online reputation of our clients. In fact, as part of each marketing campaign, we implement online reputation management to protect the credibility of our clients and develop their online profile. We create social media accounts on facebook, Twitter and Google+ to engage the public in positive discussions and inform them of our clients’ specials and marketing promotions. Our social media team in addition monitors Google searches to ensure no negative reviews surface and our clients are represented as successful businesses in their market sector.

When you are ready to develop the credibility of your business, enhance your reputation and attract new customers, give us a call. We will create for you a campaign that is within your budget and guarantees revenue increasing results.