Your Online Location-

The primary focus of advertising in today’s business markets is internet marketing. Sophisticated web design and search engine optimization (SEO) have largely replaced print ads, and, for much of the e-commerce industry, has eliminated the need for a storefront or business location. Click-and-ship delivers products factory direct and management often operates from home. The dynamic of this modern system has leveled the playing field for small businesses. Although we still see the standard subway- and bus-stop-poster, sales are mostly generated by what people are viewing on their computers. Whether direct purchasing or researching what to purchase, consumers are shopping for products and services from their home computer, office computer or smart phones on the go.

For these reasons, investing in internet marketing is an essential component of success. Marketing strategies have evolved in the internet age. In order for a company to solicit sales, it needs to be represented online with a strong profile. There are millions of businesses on the web all looking to earn their share of the market. In order to elevate your business about the clutter of sites that flood the internet, your websites must maintain high visibility with top search engine results. It is your e-commerce location. If Laduree Pastry shop were located on the Bowery instead of Madison Avenue, would it still sell as many macaroons or cake? Your search engine rankings are your business address and first page rankings is the prime spot for maximum earning potential. If customers don’t see your website, they can’t purchase your product or service.

Businesses listed on the first page of Google dominate the market. Exposure to the largest audience ensures a constant influx of new customers and maximum revenue potential. Organic SEO is a proven formula for business success. As long as your website is contemporary and reflective of current market trends, with first-page rankings you will succeed.

At Mediasophia, we create custom internet marketing campaigns that represent our clients as leading businesses in their respective markets. We guarantee first-page rankings on Google for multiple keyword searches and we do not require a contract. Instead, we bill month-to-month, developing mutually profitable business relationships. Are you ready for success?