Update to Search Algorithm-

Hooray for Google Hummingbird! Google has launched its new search formula to better accommodate the public. As more people are becoming reliant on the Internet to find answers, simply entering a topic requires more sifting through sites, whereas typing a less abstract and more concrete search is more efficient. This type of searching is more common as society embraces the power of acquiring instant knowledge from an immediate response. Google’s Hummingbird is designed to better recognize and decipher lengthy keywords that are more of a sentence or conversation than a simple word or two.

For example, you are conversing with a friend in the park about how your sister is working in Dubai and it is difficult to talk with her because of the difference in the day. She asks what’s the difference? So you ask your voice controlled smart phone “what time is it in Dubai?” With the Google search engine upgrade, this request will result in a more concise response eliminating the need to hopscotch URL’s to find your answer.

Our team at Mediasophia is of course thrilled over the new upgrade as it gives us the ability to better serve clients and use the shift in algorithms to quickly obtain results. Unlike our competitors that outsource work and hire overseas labor, our team of University Educated writers will adapt to the new system and use the new SEO programming to our advantage. If you want to take advantage of the newest Google upgrade, contact Mediasophia. We are ready to get your website on the first page fast and we will keep you there ahead of the competition!