Website Optimization-

Are you reaching a high percentage of customers in your your direct market? Would you say that your business is set up for success and you are on the path toward reaching annual revenue increase goals? How much of your new customers are obtained by referrals and what percentage of business is obtained from Internet marketing? If you do not know the answers to these questions, you should keep reading and learn what is in your power to do.

Businesses listed on the first page of Google for important keyword searches are earning 75% of market shares.  When your company is represented as a leading business in your respective city with a state of the art website that is optimized for top rankings you are reaching the largest audience and converting a high percentage of viewers into customers. Is your website state of the art? Is it visible for important keyword searches? If your answer is yes, you are doing well. If it is no, it is time to invest in a results driven marketing campaign.

You are in charge of your success. When you are ready to compete with the top earners in your respective city, get a new Palm Beach web design on the first page for important Google searches. Our proven effective search engine optimization and online reputation management strategies are dramatically increasing business for our clients and our no contract policy has made it easy for companies to begin a professional relationship with our firm. Whether your company is providing healthcare services, legal representation or auto collision repairs, if you’re not listed on the first page for important keywords, you are losing customers to the competition. At Mediasophia we design state of the art pre-optimized websites that captivate the interests of viewers and earn their business.

When someone is looking for collision repairs, they turn to their computer to research body shops in their area. The shops that have an impressive website and appear first for important searches like, “collision repair”, “auto body” and “automobile restoration” for your city are earning the highest percentage of sales. For urban areas like the Bronx, Queens and Brooklyn these percentages amount to huge revenue potential.

If you are not taking advantage of Internet marketing you are missing out on the opportunity to become more successful. When you are ready to increase sales contact Mediasophia. We will create a campaign for your business that is within your budget and guarantees revenue increasing results.