Marketing Your Business as the Elite-

Marketing is revealing to an audience the services or products available in a manor that the consumer gains all the confidence required to commit to making a purchase. In other words, marketing is more than advertising. A good marketing campaign will not only reach the largest audience, but it will earn their trust and persuade their thinking.  Results driven internet marketing campaigns reach customers, attract their interest and connect with their individual funds of knowledge in a way that gives them confidence to make the right decision. With so much competition on the internet successful SEO Miami marketing and online reputation management campaigns create for their clients a web profile that demonstrates success and appeals to the smart consumer.

To analyze your current marketing campaign, I invite you to answer a couple of questions.  Is your business ranked on the first page of Google for important industry keywords? This question is important to ask because without first page results in a busy market your website is buried and not being viewed. How many different keyword searches is your website visible on the first page? The top ranked businesses for multiple keywords are earning seventy five percent of market shares. When visitors view your website are they convinced that your company has the level of sophistication they are looking for? The websites that make use of current market trends hold the interest of viewers and entice them to learn more about their company. Is there a significant amount of secondary content that appeals to the smart consumer that quickly researches your corporate name? Companies that have marketing firms enhancing their profile and developing their brand are protecting the reputation of their businesses and earning the trust of consumers. If your answer is yes to these questions, you are headed for success.

At Mediasophia we create marketing campaigns relative to our clients’ direct competition. We dramatically increase their amount of new business by learning exactly the market they are appealing to, which markets they are losing to the competition and devising a method that earns new business and continues to market to existing customer base. We enhance our clients’ profiles, improve the power of their brand, develop the credibility of their company and convert more website visitors into customers.

We have clients in diverse industries ranging from television production, health and wellness to legal representation. We do not limit our work to one field of business as our philosophy supports exclusivity of market and we do not accept clients where our work would be in conflict of interest. For example, our Palm Beach Cosmetic surgeon is our only Palm Beach Cosmetic surgeon. We consider it unethical to market more than one practice for any matching keywords. What this means for our clients is that by marketing their business exclusively for their area, they will very quickly become the dominate practice in their market sector. Our strong code of ethics has empowered our firm with long term business relationships that are of mutual benefit. Our clients’ success is synonymous with ours and this dynamic ensures winning results. One of the many things about our firm that sets us apart from our competitors is our record of success. We have a proven record of 50-100% increase in business for our clients and as a result find it unnecessary to lock people into semi-annual or annual contracts.  Instead at Mediasophia we work month to month.

It is our experience that this method allows our clients to have input in the progress of their campaign and see regular results in our monthly reports. Our exceptional service is unlike any of our competitors as we are a boutique firm that is committed to the success of an elite clientele of celebrities and upper echelon professionals. Every client has direct contact with our Content Engineer Jason Irsay, our Marketing Director, Jennifer Fall and our company President, George Magalios. This level of personal service ensures our clients have the communication necessary to earn the maximum benefits from their investments.