Marketing Communications

62414creditAvenue of Communication-

Marketing communications is the “promotion” component of the marketing strategy that involves price, place, promotion and product. It is the way to reach a target market through communication. In today’s e-commerce system, marketing communications takes place through social media networking, blogging, web design, e-flyers, banner ads, PPC advertisements and text messaging.

Deliver the Message-

At Mediasophia we take a nuanced approach to communication that includes market and consumer research, strategic poisitioning and creative development.Screen Shot 2014-06-24 at 12.12.16 PM Our Internet communications strategies involve execution across hundreds of Internet forums for delivering information and engaging audiences. From embedded video on websites, banner ads for Google searches, Facebook and Twitter networking and web design seduction is bringing our clients a constant flow of interest, viral correspondence and a regular flow of traffic to their business.

Making connections with potential clients-

Effective communications deliver an integrated message to consumers across all channels implementing a branded delivery that is recognized and holds an interest. Effective communications delivers a message that entices a direct market, creates a reaction and lures a response. To reach consumers, lure them to your product and convert interest into sales take the work of an experienced marketing firm.

Mediasophia implements effective communications to bring clients immediate revenue increasing results!