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Traditionally Trained for the digital world

Leonardo Farinas, is an expert designer and developer with a background in both traditional and digital mediums. His love for color and creative design has led him to an established career as a multimedia designer. With over 15 years experience in the
field of design, Leo is well versed in all varieties of digital and online applications.

Born in Puerto Rico, but landing in Miami at the very early age of 3, Leo can be considered a native Floridian. His hard work and dedication earned him his Bachelors Degree at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale and with this he gathered a plethora of experiential knowledge that he now applies in his designs. Fluent in all relevant html design aspects and digital media applications, he often integrates complex elements of Java, Flash, CSS, and other platforms into his websites.

An ADDY Recognized Designer

As the Web Developer for the Miami International University of Art & Design, Leo mastered his craft and became active in the world of online media. He creatively produced E-Flyers, custom PDFs, landing pages, flash animations and custom micro-sites.

In 2010 Leo was awarded a Silver Addy for his flash animation featured on the University’s online advertising campaign. Since then he has freelanced with various design firms and high profile clients developing intuitive and beautiful CMS based websites.

A Natural way of doing things

Leo’s approach to design can be compared to the intricacies of nature. Simple & intuitive, yet complex enough to offer something beautiful underneath
the skin. Whereas some designers get lost in a myriad of ideas, he chooses a refined approach with a well thought out goal.

When Leo isn’t getting lost in his work, you can find him spending time with his family enjoying an array of different activities. Whether playing video games and cooking with his wife, or running in the park with his three dogs, Leo is a family man first and attributes much of his happiness to the time he spends with them.


Windows of Opportunity – Youth Leadership & Empowerment

I am proud to be an ambassador for this great organization.

Windows of Opportunity (WOO) is a tax exempt 501©3 non-profit organization. It was formed to provide young people who are ages 6 – 24, with a healthy, safe, supportive, & positive environment in which they can be encouraged to discuss themselves as persons of infinite worth & potential.

We design workshops and programs that assist youth from the elementary level to the university level in achieving positive outcomes in self-esteem, school performance, career planning, linking their lives today with future success, and addressing issues significant to young people.

Visit WOO’s website

Passions & Inspirations

Fantasy Art

No category of art captivates me as much as the surrealism of fantasy art. Its out-of-the-box thinking and limitless inspiration has made my art a very personal & creative journey.


Film Animation

As a graduate of Animation & Media Arts, animation films have been a very big part of my life. From japanese animation to pixar films, no aspect of animation is safe from my grasp.


Classical Piano

With musical inspirations like Chopin, Beethoven, and Rachmaninoff it is no wonder I started classical piano at the age of 11. Now, as a graduate of the Mozart Music Conservatory, I compose and play classical music in my spare time.


Pranic Healing

The subtle energies around us have always intrigued me. Learning that I could help people using those energies led me on a very spiritual path. Pranic healing is both a tool and philosophy that I apply to my everyday life.

Something Crazy





On my first trip to Los Angeles, California, my friends and I wanted the full “Hollywood” experience.  So we hiked up to the Hollywood sign and sat in the O’s.




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