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Joshua Lamothe

Web Deployment Director




Web Development Expertise

Joshua Lamothe joined the Mediasophia team in 2015. He brings over 7 years of website design and development experience along with personal and business branding for clients from a wide range of industries and passions.

Joshua always had an interest in expression of ideas through art and written language. He grew up alongside the addition of the computer as a household item and fondly recalls countless hours spent playing some of the earliest computer based video games. When AOL 1.0 hit the scene, he was hooked and has been staring into one screen or another ever since.

Creative Formation

A student of Marketing and Advertising Communications, Josh spent several years observing how the world wide web works, what makes a website stand out and how to present content for effective communication.

After a several year stint as a marketer of natural color diamonds and creating custom jewelry, he realized that he could merge his love of the internet, marketing, art, design and business into promoting products, services and projects for individuals and businesses.

Endeavor and Vision

Every day, Joshua gets to use his love of the web, his background in marketing communications, his graphic design skills and his genuine love for people to create unique, interactive, innovative websites.

He hopes that his work and writing will help others as they build successful online brands for themselves.


Windows of Opportunity – Youth Leadership & Empowerment

I am proud to be an ambassador for this great organization.

Windows of Opportunity (WOO) is a tax exempt 501©3 non-profit organization. It was formed to provide young people who are ages 6 – 24, with a healthy, safe, supportive, & positive environment in which they can be encouraged to discuss themselves as persons of infinite worth & potential.

We design workshops and programs that assist youth from the elementary level to the university level in achieving positive outcomes in self-esteem, school performance, career planning, linking their lives today with future success, and addressing issues significant to young people.

Visit WOO’s website

Passions & Inspirations


I have been learning to play guitar since 2013 and although I still can barely play a lick, I really enjoy jamming for an audience of me.


Organic Gardening

It’s important to know the source of your food so I have been apprenticing with a local organic farmer to learn how to grow trees, vegetables and herbs in the tropical climate.



My favorite form of exercise is biking. I like to just ride with no agenda and see where I end up. I like the peace, solitude and being with the scenery.



I love going to the the beach day or night and I’m very fortunate to live just a few miles away.

Something Crazy





In 2013, my wife Regina and I fulfilled a long-time dream of going to Peru. We spent 17 glorious days visiting sacred sites such as Machu Picchu, participating in shamanic ceremonies and enjoying the beautiful culture, fresh food and friendly hospitality of the Peruvian people.




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