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Jim Lourie

Account Manager




Born and raised in Boston and attended Boston University. I lived in Natick, MA and raised my family 3 boys and 6 Grandchildren until I moved to Florida.
I remain loyal to Boston and Massachusetts, except for the cold. We are fanatical Red Sox, Celtics, And Patriots fans, I played touch football with Bob Kraft when we where younger.
I owned a Marketing and Advertising Consulting business that specialized in retail & political campaigns.
I help start 2 print publications in the Boston area, The Tab publications still printing in over 40 + cities and towns in Massachusetts and Metro Boston, a daily free publication that was sold to The New York Times.
I am Knowledgeable in print, electronic, Web design, social media, email marketing, direct mail and was the largest political printer in the northeast for 20 years. I have created programs for the US Postal Service, US Savings Bonds, Department of the Treasury, NRA, United Way, Chase Manhattan Bank, Boeing, Gasaho and many of the fortune 500 companies.

Passions & Inspirations

College Football

I grew up more of a college than a pro sports fan. I can’t begin to estimate how many times I’ve seen my South Carolina Gamecocks in Williams-Brice Stadium.


I keep waiting for ’80’s glam rock to come back. Mötley Crüe’s Nikki Sixx remains my favorite rock star, author, and radio personality. His new band Sixx: A.M. dominates my playlist.


Golf is perfect because it can be so easily distilled: the club, the ball, the swing, the hole. Everything else is just scenery.


I’m an avid gamer— though my choices of games are isolated. I just want to race over and over and over again.

Something Crazy







In 1988 I met Chuck Foreman of the New England Patriots and had him speak at a Board of Directors Meeting for the Underwood Corporation in Boston.



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