Here in the United States and around the world, finding homes for families is a pressing issue. A home is much more than just the structure that protects families from the elements— it is a place where families can grow and find success in the world.

Habitat for Humanity is helping to build homes for people in communities here in the US and in other countries. The group works to build affordable housing by offering the new houses with low-interest or interest free loans. After families qualify for the program, they work alongside volunteers putting in the long hours of building the home from laying the foundation to landscaping the yard.

Funding programs like Habitat for Humanity comes from a variety of sources. Some people choose to donate their money to help purchase the supplies while others donate their time and expertise free of charge to accomplish the many important tasks of building a home.

For others, helping with Habitat for Humanity can start with a phone call.

In Boca Raton, FL and in communities around the country, Habitat for Humanity ReStore locations are helping to raise money to provide deserving families with a place to live. With a phone call, a person can donate their furniture and other items to the store for resale, providing the funds for Habitat to fulfill its mission.

In Boca Raton, Habitat for Humanity has one of their thrift store locations. Inside, volunteers take time out of their normal schedule to help stock the shelves with collectibles, books, tools and electronics. There is also a large selection of furniture donated by local residents. The furniture is picked up from the home by Habitat employees and brought to the store for resale.

In a part of the country where many people have seasonal homes, the furniture selection makes for brisk business. Couches, dining sets, desks, and tables are all available.

Habitat for Humanity ReStore locations give people a way to volunteer their time inside the store helping out with the work of keeping the wheels of the store running and they also give people a way to contribute to the worthy mission of providing housing to everyone through the generosity of their donations.