Google Approved Optimization-

With the implementation of Google Hummingbird in place, black hat optimization techniques no longer stand a chance. Unethical leverage over the competition is soon to be a thing of the past. The speed and accuracy of the new programing is quickly catching spam like writing and Google is penalizing websites that achieved high rankings from these such corrupt optimization techniques.

Bad links, non related keyword content on third party sites and cut and paste duplicate content used by companies that outsource work in the past were able to get away with it a percentage of the time. Apparently the percentage of work that slipped through the algorithm radar was large enough for some to take the risk. Now with the improved Hummingbird program, the cheaters are getting caught and ethical marketing firms are earning top rankings fair and just.

There are no shortcuts to optimization. Obtaining first place rankings on Google takes the work of experts. The businesses that achieve long term success, hire marketing firms that use only organic seo techniques that are both Google approved and proven effective. This is great news for the marketing firms that get results by honoring the rules and putting in the work. Businesses need to be wise to this aspect of Internet marketing to protect thems from site banning and at the very least avoid a drop in rankings.