Turning Contacts into Clients

In cities like New York and Chicago, personal injury law litigation is an important profession that people rely on in order to confront large corporations. Personal injury law firms hold accountable large corporations that place profit over person safety for personal injury, lost wages and emotional suffering. There are over twenty five million people living in these cities and personal injury cases are prevalent. With so many cases many firms have chosen to specialize in this type of legal practice. In fact, so many, that the internet is saturated with personal injury law websites. And although the market is very big, the competition is steep.

At Mediasophia we are experts in the area of personal injury law marketing. Our team of writers, designers and analysts are practiced in the language of law and know how to make use of the current industry trends to effectively market your firm. Our SEO work places our clients primary website on the 1st page of Google for multiple keywords and our blogs, press releases and secondary sites positively enhance the reputation of the firm and earn the trust of prospective clients. As part of every marketing campaign our team manages all social media accounts using language that is appealing to the audience, lead generating and supports maintaining high rankings.

Our online reputation management work ensures our law firms are protected from harmful attacks from sites like Ripoffreport and 800notes and we have a proven record of success in removing ‘scam’ from Google pages and drop down menus.

At Mediasophia our record of success proves we earn our Law Firms a constant influx of new business and a 25-100% annual increase in new cases.

Jennifer Fall, Global Marketing Director