Represent Your Success-

Have you been the victim of an online attack? Are you ready to develop your reputation and protect your business from slanderous content on the web? Does a false negative review surfaces when people Google search your company name? The internet is filled with websites to post reviews and communicate with the public about businesses. Although sites like Yelp and Real Self were designed to support companies that provide exceptional service, in many cases these websites have become forums for any anonymous person to maliciously harm competing companies. If this sounds outlandish, you are right, it is. But it is real. In fact Ripoffreport and 800Notes are notorious for this type of behavior. Even thought these sites are known to contain mostly untruths, Google still ranks them high on search listings.  As a result, the companies that are slandered on one of these sites will find the report appears immediately below their primary website. This will have a detrimental effect on business, until you invest in online reputation management to eliminate the harmful effects of the negative report.

Think about it. If you were researching a law firm, and you saw a Ripoffreport listed below the firm’s primary website, would you have second thoughts? Would you even bother to open their website or would you simply click open the next ranked site? Most likely no one is going to take the time to investigate the legitimacy of a negative review. They will simply take caution; dismiss the firm and move on to looking at other firms without any negative reviews.

Every company is at risk of internet propaganda and no business is immune. Successful businesses protect their company with online reputation management and organic search engine optimization to ensure their business accurately reflects success and is ranked high for important keyword searches. At Mediasophia we protect our clients from false negative reviews and we guarantee their company profile remains clear of propaganda. Our organic seo techniques are proven effective and our clients quickly discover our work has made them dominating business in their prospective cities.