Mediasophia Online Reputation Management-

Millions of people are investing in their personal health and beauty and the cosmetic surgery industry has vastly become extremely popular. Procedures including face lifts, tummy tucks, Botox injections and liposuction are performed  by the millions and cosmetic surgeons and skin care professionals are opening practices by the thousands. Beauty enhancement medical clinics and laser skin resurfacing spas are part of competitive market. Online reputation management protects cosmetic surgeons and med spa practices from reputation damaging propaganda on the Internet

Because the competition is so steep, having a positive web presences is an essential component of success. The practices that are represented on the Internet with a captivating website and have no negative reviews or harmful slander connected with their name, earn a constant influx of new patients.

Mediasophia reputation management ensures our client profiles are positive and accurately reflect their experience and level of professionalism. We ensure no bad reviews or harmful propaganda surface on the web in connection with our clients practice and the cosmetic surgeons we work with are protected from harmful attacks on the web.

Mediasophia clients are represented on the Internet with state of the art web design that seduces viewers and converts visitors into patients. Our websites are optimized for first place rankings on Google for popular keyword searches including, “Botox”, “facelift” and “tummy tuck” in competitive cities.