Cyber-Bullying Online Reputation Management

What is Cyber-Bullying?

Cyber-bullying is a term used to describe online harassment. In this age of social media, viral communication and instant response, harmful gossip, social blackmail and bullying can be devastating. Bullying is nothing new, however, due to the nature of the web, and the smart phone, internet libel has become for many people unbearable.

121213cyberbullyCyber bullying is happening at the university level, in high school and even in grade school. People are using the internet to manipulate girlfriends, boyfriends, ex-lovers, classmates and anyone they want to cause harm through online propaganda, social media harassment and blogging. Students are becoming so stressed out they are unable to complete assignments and are opting to drop out of classes just to remove themselves from the torture. Hateful posts and false information on sites like Facebook and Twitter are spreading to friends, family and classmates to defame victims and create misery. Can you image if someone sent a nude photograph of you, real or not to one of your professors? Can you imagine if this fictitious image was made to look like it came from you with the suggestion that the professor give you an A for your final grade? This is just one of the scenarios that is happening to people.

Is Cyber-Bullying a Serious Problem?

Even the typical teasing in grade school that, even twenty years ago, was the cause of much suffering like anorexia and other social-triggered illnesses has intensified due to viral communication and the 24 hour student networking. Online harassment and cyber-bullying has ruined too many lives. At least in the seventies and eighties there was down time from the drama. Today, with cell phones and texting, there is no rest from the social nightmares.

Is there relief?121213bully

Families are at a loss trying to protect loved ones from the pain caused by cyber-bullying. The good news it there is a solution. This behavior can be stopped and parents can help. Internet marketing companies that are experienced with online reputation management are able to eliminate negative content from the searches connected to victims. Sites like twitter will remove false information under  criminal impersonation and copyright laws. Harmful slander can be removed through the implementation of reverse SEO techniques that bury content far below the eye of the public.

If you are tired of suffering, you can take charge of your online reputation and remove unwanted content from the web.

Mediasophia implements proven-effective reputation management techniques to protect clients from false information and cyber bullying. Its experience working with celebrities that are attacked regularly has made us experts in burying ugly posts and replacing them with positive content that reflects our clients’ true identities.