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Brittany Curtis

Tactical Writer




Writing Expertise

Brittany Curtis joined the Mediasophia team in 2015. Her ambition for writing has landed her with many opportunities working for South Florida magazines, publications and newspapers. Her writing centers mainly on creative subjects, including those related to art, culture and music.

Creative Formation

Throughout her experience at Florida Atlantic University, Brittany enjoyed learning about art history and developing her voice as a visual artist. In the years after receiving her Bachelors of Arts in Art History, she explored her love of traveling and her eye for writing. Her professional experience focuses on museum education, curatorial work, and freelance writing. Her artwork has been exhibited at the Wynwood Arts District in Miami and the Cornell Museum of Art in Delray Beach.

Endeavor and Vision

Brittany finds the work she does to be extremely rewarding. She would like to keep pursuing her love for the arts. She hopes to bring new ideas and creative energy to Mediasophia as their Tactical Writer and inspire other artists to continue to do what they love.

Something I made

This is an acrylic painting from my portfolio. As an artist, I enjoy allowing my creative process to evolve throughout the day. Through this laid back style I am able to come up with whimsical situations and ideas, and give life to them through painting.


Passions & Inspirations


Painting has been a constant love of mine throughout my life. When I am inspired and working away on a new idea I feel unstoppable.



I deeply enjoy the great outdoors. For me camping is an escape from my everyday routine and it is an excellent getaway from all things technology.



Writing has acted as another outlet for me to transfer my creative energy into something I can share and express to the world.



On a nice day I like to venture out to the ocean with my snorkel gear. No day is the same. There is always something else to see.

Something Crazy





When I went on a trip to Alaska I convinced myself to hike across the Matanuska Glacier. The feeling was like nothing that I had experienced before. The sights of the glacier were breathtaking and being out there was definitely an exhilarating moment that I will never forget.




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