Key Components of Advertising

Search engine optimization and online reputation management are the primary advertizing factors in the global e-commerce market. The level of sophistication of a company website in combination with its visibility determines whether or not a business is going to succeed.

Our global economy consists of hundreds of thousands of businesses and the internet is saturated with websites in every industry. With such a large number of companies in competition marketing takes on a whole new level of importance. When prospective clients or customers are looking for a service or product their first impression of a company is usually obtained by viewing their website. If viewers are not immediately impressed with a website, in a matter of seconds they have moved on to the next listed company site. It is imperative to the success of any business to create a website that is visually pleasing, easily navigable and reflective of current marketing trends. An outdated website usually does more harm than good.

The same amount of importance can be placed on the ranking of a website. Putting an ‘A’ in front of your company name no longer has any impact on obtaining a first place listing. The amount of traffic received is based solely on search engine ranking. Even expensive build board ads or television commercials earn few results when compared with a first page ranking on Google. A company can have a high tech, sophisticated site that accurately reflects success, but if they are beyond the first page of Google for keyword searches it will have little or no impact on earning new business. Getting a first page ranking for important industry keywords is key to acquiring the largest audience and receiving the largest return on your marketing investment.

At Mediasophia we design campaigns based on our knowledge of the current market trends that are relative to the direct competition within each industry. Our work is guaranteed to earn and maintain first page rankings on Google and our campaigns prove to dramatically increase our client’s revenues.