Web Designs for Doctors


Custom Web Design and the Power of Internet Marketing

Web design, search engine optimization and online reputation management are important components of marketing a medical practice. Doctors in diverse fields from pediatric care, oncology or cosmetic surgery are benefiting greatly form a sophisticated website and a powerful online presence. The Internet has empowered the public with the ability to research doctors and learn of different medical practices. It use to be that a person would make an appointment for a second opinion talk with a doctor and make a choice based on what they heard at two, maybe three visits. Today, through the use of keyword searches, people can learn a lot about doctors and surgeons by what they view on the web. 121313injection

There are many forums for promoting a practice and sharing positive information about a doctors educational achievements, history of practice, hospital affiliations, organization memberships and patient reviews. How a doctor is represented on their website will determine the practice’s level of success. The doctors that are visible online for important industry related keyword searches with a website that reflects success will attract the most patients. Those that appear first for popular searches with a state of the art website will convert the highest percentage of viewers into patients.

State of the Art Web Design Features Include

  • Custom Design
  • SEO-Friendly WordPress Platform
  • Unlimited Pages
  • Internal Blog
  • Unlimited Photos
  • Sitemap
  • Social Media Links and Icons
  • Gallery Page
  • Shopping Cart
  • Slideshow


Revenue Producing Investment

The physicians that take advantage of Internet marketing benefit from a constant influx of new patients. Sophisticated web design for doctors includes a simple smart design that is informative, easily  navigable and includes a gallery of images to support making an emotional connection with potential patients. Especially those practices that specialize in the health and beauty areas of practice.

Mediasophia markets the leading cosmetic surgeons in progressive international cities including New York, Paris and Palm Beach. Its web designs are Google-friendly and congruent with the new Hummingbird programming to quickly obtain first place rankings for popular keyword searches.