Vote for Mediasophia for Chase Mission Main Street Grant

92514Mediasophia for the Chase Mission Main Streets Grant!

Mediasophia has applied for the Chase Mission Main Streets Business Grant and would like your vote! We are ready to expand our services and hire more writers, web designers, sales representatives, editors, and marketing and administrative personnel.mission-small-business-chase-business-grant-mediasophia

Please visit the link below and give us your easy one click vote. You must be logged into your Facebook account.



A vote for a company that never outsources
A vote for a company that pays its employees a living wage
A vote for a company that donates 10% of its profits to scholarships for students in financial need
Your vote could help us employee professionals in our community!

The Chase Mission Main Streets grant is a $150K dollar grant designed to help small businesses take their company to the next level. If awarded, the grant will be used toward additional salaries, additional computers, a new office and an increase in our marketing budget to compete with larger companies and achieve a higher level of success.