Video Markteting

tv screensExtending Your Web Presence with Custom Video

Custom video marketing is a term that includes the creation, embedding and distribution of video on the web.Embedding video on social media, your website and third party blogs will extend your online presence and spread viral to reach millions of viewers for a dramatic increase in sales.63014videomedia Mediasophia is one of the world’s first holistic Internet marketing firms that focus on organic multimedia strategies for online presence building and search engine domination.

Successful advertising implements viral video marketing to enhance your corporate brand and entertain and allure the contemporary audience. Technology and video are imbedded in our culture and all business in some form is connected to the Internet. Whether you are a pharmaceutical company, a health and beauty professional or a custom auto parts distributor, your Internet presence is essential to success.

Develop Your Brand and Solicit Business

At Mediasophia we specialize in viral video marketing that infuses entertainment with sales to create an alluring and desirable product that stimulates online communications and increases business. Our viral video marketing campaigns create a complex web of interlinked content that fuse video and custom writing to effectively represent your company success. Our work creates a powerful online presence on forums including Youtube, Yahoo Screen, Break, Vevo and many other locations to develop your brand and solicit the interested of viewers across the web.

Wise Investing

63014videographyMuch of our economy exists solely on the Web and the most successful companies online are the ones that invest the most and invest wisely in custom organic search engine optimization. Our research has shown that in nearly all industries only one to five companies control approximately 75% of the market share. Through the integration of custom video marketing in our campaigns, our clients captivate the interest of viewers, convert visitors into customers and obtain a dramatic increase in their influx of sales.