Impact of a Negative Review-

In our increasingly social world, reviews posted on Yelp, Real Self, Healthgrades and other sites can have a tremendous impact on local businesses. When customers are engaging in online communication in a positive way about your company it creates a profile of success. Good reviews help prospective clients gain a bit of trust about your company and help them in making an informed decision about doing business with you. These sites were intending to provide the public with an opportunity to share their experience and support businesses deserving of recognition. In many cases they do. However, no business is perfect and unfortunately there is a down side to these websites.

Sometimes the service provided by a business may not meet a particular customer’s standard of excellence. Perhaps it was an off day and your company was understaffed. Maybe a customer had to wait for service longer than expected and because of the impediment on their busy schedule it created a lot of anxiety, frustration and anger. These things happen and usually can be rectified with an apology or an act of service to make amends for the trouble.

This act of good faith may not be enough. Frequently dissatisfied customers use public communication sites to vent anger, frustration and even unjustly defame businesses. A onetime negative review on notorious sites like Ripoffreport or 800Notes can have detrimental consequences. Over exaggerated situations that are communicated online with slander and propaganda have caused a great many businesses to lose significant revenues and even close down completely.

If a bad review is posted online about your business, it is important to hire a marketing firm experienced in online reputation management to eliminate the negative effects of the post. Google ranks these sites high and most likely the negative review will appear directly below your website. Whether the review is justified or not, it is going to deter potential customers from engaging in businesses with your company. At Mediasophia we protect our clients from false negative reviews. We have a proven record of removing ‘scam’ from Google drop down menus and our work ensures our clients true identity is represent online for each search associated with their name.