The Age of Empires exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, features unique art from the Chinese Qin & Han Dynasties. The importance of art in the civilization of China has existed throughout the centuries, and most certainly contributes to its cultural identity and history. The rich history of China is showcased in this exhibit through the many rare discoveries and pieces, of over 160 items, that have been collected over many years. The variety of pieces on display include ceramics, calligraphy, paintings, sculptures, and more. Recognizable artifacts might include terracotta soldiers, which have a reputation of astounding preservation. These ancient artifacts will provide viewers with a glimpse of China’s past and present culture; many of the artifacts have never been seen in the West until now. Due to the Met’s impeccable reputation, this exhibit is sure to be an elegant representation of art history, and an overall enlightening experience for its audience. The exhibit will run until July 16th, 2017, and will certainly prove to be an unmissable opportunity.

Pieces from the Age of Empires exhibit are featured below.

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