Mick Jagger is one artist featured in a new piece on the Sophia News.

The Sophia Group is proud to announce the launch of its latest venture: The Sophia News. The Sophia News is an online multimedia news resources that shines a light on the human interest stories and trends of our day and avoiding the descent into the gutter that so often characterizes blogs and other news sites.

In The Sophia News we explore the impact of artists like Prince and David Bowie using archival photographs, videos and original takes on their influence on music and entertainment while also profiling lesser-known local heroes and figures who make a positive impact on their communities every day.

Each element of our political, entertainment and educational phenomena comes together on the Sophia News. On the site, visitors can find quick updates on the stories they see on the news, but they can also find out more about the stories that often never make headlines. Who is making a difference? What is the next big thing? What is generating a buzz today?

Our most recent piece takes a look at how music icons from the 60s, 70s, and 80s are still having an impact, and that as fans we owe it to them to appreciate all of the amazing music they have brought to us for nearly a generation. Check out our piece “Taking Stock of Our Music Icons” over at the Sophia News.