Creativity and Technical Expertise

People always ask me for tips on search engine optimization (SEO) success. When Internet Marketing is your profession you are much like a doctor: Everybody wants free advice. Many of my clients routinely ask me for technical help, inside information, information on the latest google algorithm and other insight into what Mediasophia does to bring ranking success to our client websites. I am always bemused by these experiences. First, why would any proud professional give away trade secrets he has spent decades and hundreds of thousands of dollars learning? Second, these questions always imply that successful SEO is like some form of secret code: plug it in and you go straight to the top of

Well, those expectations are pure fantasy because successful SEO has two basic elements: creativity and technical expertise.This means that even if I were to provide all our strategies in some sort of manual, success is far from guaranteed because the work still has to be executed. Imagine asking Justin Verlander how to throw a fastball and expecting to be able to paint the black of the outside corner with a 100 mph heater the way he does once you get the basic technique down: forget it!

Keywords, Algorithms, and Writing Craft

While most Internet Market companies tend to stress programming and the technical side of search engine optimization: understanding google algorithims, keyword placement, keyword density, backlinks coding, etc. at the expense of quality original writing, Mediasophia emphasizes the two components equally. Our experiences with successful multi-million dollar campaigns have demonstrated that quality, unique original writing is irreplaceable and as important, if not more so, than any technical knowledge involved in achieving top rankings on the major search engines like google, bing and yahoo. This is why when we hire our content engineers we emphasize word and writing skills first. We train our staff over the course of at least a year with nuanced techniques that adapt to the ebb and flow of google’s algorithim tendencies.

All this does not mean that there are no SEO basics that can help guide you through the process of successfully marketing your website. The following list is a good starting point to create a foundation upon which to build a campaign:

Basic Elements of Quality SEO

  • Research the keywords in your market and industry that best describe what services/goods you offer
  • Write about what you know without worrying too much about keywords
  • Update your website frequently, preferably at least once a day
  • Make sure all your meta tags are properly coded
  • Install an internal blog on your website

The Art of the Profession

Following these basic steps will immediately provide you with results and start you moving in the right direction. Once there you are most likely to succeed by hiring an Internet Marketing professional to take you to the level of success you are searching for. SEO is not a Do-It-Yourself practice any more than practicing Law or operating on brains is. When Mediasophia offers SEO Miami and SEO New York campaigns we always begin with an intricate level of market and competition research. Every market is different and understanding the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors is a wise strategy when beginning Internet Marketing campaigns.

George Magalios