Celebrity Gossip and Protecting Your Online Profile-

The Huffington Post, entertainment section recently published an article about Sandra Bullock’s speech at the Palm Beach International Film Festival on January 4th. According to the journalist, Ms. Bullock revealed the recent gossip on her shared relationship to George Clooney with Julia Roberts. She discovered the gossip after “Googling” herself in effort to come up with tidbits for her speech. It worked! You can read the article here.

As anyone that has ever stood in line at the local grocery can attest, celebrities are frequently the victim of gossip, slander and a diverse array of media propaganda. It is recognized by our current society as, the cost that comes with fame and “making it” in the movie and television industry. Tabloid magazine articles and Internet slander are a regular occurrence and in some cases a never ending stalking of hate and defamation. Even though Ms. Bullock used her charm and wit to get a laugh at the gossip, for many people, false information, gossip and slander comes at a great price. Frequently people fall victim to what Mediasohia refers to as online harassment and not only suffer emotional stress, but just this type of attack has been know to cause financial hardship. You see, not every celebrity has the opportunity to address the absurdity of gossip and charmingly reverse its effect as did Sandra Bullock at the film festival podium.

Fortunately Internet marketing firms experienced in online reputation management are able to use the Internet to represent celebrities in their true character and eliminate the propaganda from Google searches. Through the implementation of state of the art web design and custom public relations campaigns, the Internet can be used to protect a celebrity profile and career. Proven effective reverse organic search engine optimization can protect celebrities from any unwanted content on web by replacing it with flattering material that reflects their desired image.